Sunday, 17 February 2013

I'm Blogging

There here it is. I have a blog.

Actually I have a couple other blogs (some not so current) but I've never been comfortable sharing this side of me.

I will use the safety of anonymity of this blog (and it's non-attachment to my other blogs) to vent my feelings, whereas I do not feel I can do so elsewhere.

For many of you struggling with infertility, I'm sure you've had to deal with not having those around you understand. It's hard finding a 'safe' place. A place where those around you won't judge or ridicule or say "just get over it". It seems to me, at this time, that the only place for this is a blog.

I've debated about starting such a blog for some time now. I've struggled with the idea that devoting time to a blog will cut me off from the tangible world around me. (But let's face it, to a large degree I'm cut off already because of this disease - Endometriosis - and all of it's repercussions). Bit by bit I've been reading blogs by others who struggle with infertility of some form or another and it is so immensely encouraging to know that there are others who go through what I go through, that it's not just me(!), and it brings a lot of sense and understanding to what I have and am going through. Perhaps, after-all, there is some healing that can take place in having that safe place (although online) to share my feelings and to read the feelings and experiences of others.

A confession: When I am frustrated and hurt and all those other emotions will most likely be the time that I blog. This is the time when it is most difficult to let people see our feelings, and it's so much safer from the realms of judgment to do it online. When all is going well, I'll probably ignore blogging to some degree simply because I'll have other things to do. It's when I'm down that I'm stuck for direction and blogging may be some solace for that. That being said I will try to incorporate more than just venting on this blog, more about my journey perhaps.

Well see how this thing turns out in the future.

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