Thursday, 29 August 2013

God is Good?

Confession for today.

I am quite sick of people's reactions lately to good news. Various people around me have had wonderful things happening, which, I agree is good. But the reaction to the news is so often, "God is good."

Yeah, someone's pregnant...."Isn't God good!"

Someone got a job.... "God is so good!" or a father of # kids he deserves it (and my husband doesn't?)

It really seems to negate all of God's goodness at other times of life.

God seems to be so good when things go well.

But what about when things don't go well?

What about when we are barren....still!

What about when we don't know where finances are coming from? or don't get the/a job?

What about when life is one big struggle after another?

Corrie Ten Boom said once in response to someone telling her how good God was because she had a cozy home and things were going well, that God was still good in the concentration camps. God was still good when her sister, Betsy, died and they lived though a taste of hell.

It's easy to say God is good when things go well. Actually it seems to be a line people give off offhandedly. But if God is God, He is good all the time.

He is still good when things are discouraging. When things are downright awful.

Let's not forget God's goodness to those who are having a hard time. (And please, let's try not to flaunt the "goodness" when everything is going right.)


  1. Your post makes me're right. It is easy to say that God is good when things go well. As to your previous post about "Get over it", I've never had anyone say that to me, BUT I do feel that people don't understand WHY I felt all the things I felt especially in the beginning of my IF journey. The depth and breadth and width of the pain and emotional chaos that I was feeling was really too shocking for my closest friends. I'm glad that I've found many lovely IF bloggers that have helped me along the way.

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