Thursday, 8 August 2013

I started taking Exclzyme after I read some posts on Endo Angel. I have severe Endo, my surgeon said it was the worst she's ever seen. I was skeptical if Exclzyme would work for me and it didn't. BUT I only took the recommended dosage. I "upgraded" to Serracor-NK (same company, AST Enzymes) which also has  Nattokinase and triple the dose.

Oh my goodness, did it work.

I get those types of periods where I cry just knowing that it's coming. This month (after only taking it for one month at the triple dose - 6 caps, 3 times a day), I was able to be sitting up on day one, by day two I was doing dishes and "normal" activities (while still sort-of taking it easy - no scrubbing floors or anything!) My bleeding was more consistent, while be lessened in intensity, and I even shaved off a day!

This stuff is amazing, I'm so glad I learned about it. We are on an extremely tight budget and these pills are expensive, but my husband is convinced that this is something we are going to continue with. We have tried many natural things over the past 6 years (including permanent diet change) and this one is one of the best (next to diet).

The best thing is that it is actually doing something to FIX the problem, not just cover it up like pain killers do.

I still had a little bit of cramping before my cylce actually started and when the period decided to rear it's ugly red head again on day four (used to be day 5). But I said to my husband, "I'm beginning to feel like a 'normal' person!" I used to not even feel cramps because all I could feel was intense pain (which I firmly believe was not the same cause as cramps).

I am very much looking forward to seeing what next month will be like.

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  1. Oh, I'm GLAD to know it's helped you. Hope it continues to help you out.